Superior Security Services realizes the value of businesses in our community and understands the internal and external challenges which are commonly encountered.  We maintain a strong working relationship with business owners and managers in the area to provide comprehensive security services designed to meet each business’ individual needs.  Our local presence allows us to deter criminal activity, provide efficient personal service and respond quickly to any situation.  Our officers are trained to assist businesses in a variety of ways, including:

  • Conducting property-wide vehicle and foot patrols
  • Safe-guarding the personnel, guests, visitors and property assets 
  • Ensuring properties are physically secure after hours
  • Deterrence of criminal activity
  • Parking enforcement and parking lot control
  • Compliance enforcement of policies and regulations
  • Contacting and assisting local law enforcement as needed or requested
  • Emergency response to client needs
  • System maintenance reports (for example, lighting, sprinklers, gates and fences)
  • Daily activity reports to communicate incidents and activity to client managers
  • Issuance of criminal trespass orders for unwanted subjects
  • Communication with managers, employees and guests to promote a safe workplace
  • Civil Standby to ensure the safety of employer’s agents during dismissal of staff, etc.

For more information on how we might help you, please Contact Us at 575-631-5282.